At Capital Carpet Cleaning we have been proudly  cleaning carpets and upholstery in Stanwood, Camano Island, Marysville, Arlington and all of Snohomish and Skagit Counties.
Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning.  We look forward to your patronage.  
Father and Son TEAM Larry and Jamie Garrison
Oriental Rugs
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Professional Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaning Services
We are here to help you with all of your carpet, tile & upholstery cleaning needs. We are locally owned and operated. We do Carpet Cleaning in  Stanwood, Camano Island, Marysville, Arlington and all Snohomish County.

Whether you need a general cleaning of your carpet or you need tile or upholstery work, why not choose the experienced professionals at Capital Carpet Cleaning.  My Son and I have built a reputation in the  Stanwood, Camano Island, Marysville, Arlington and all Snohomish County for providing quality service with superior carpet cleaning procedures. Our carpet cleaning service is safe for you and your pets. We are insured, and license for everyone's protection. Our priority is providing the highest quality, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning service, at a reasonable price.  We constantly update our carpet cleaning methods and training, and carpet cleaning equipment to guarantee your carpets and fine fabrics are cleaned with the latest, advanced carpet cleaning service methods available. 

Your carpets represent a large initial investment, plus they add to the value, beauty and design of your home. They deserve expert maintenance and treatment for the long-term. My son and I  will preserve your carpets in sparkling new appearance no matter what the problem I Guarantee It! 

How should my carpets be cleaned?

Capital Carpet Cleaning recommends regular vacuuming using an efficient vacuum cleaner with a  Hepa filter however; even the best vacuum cleaners removes only a fraction of the dust, dirt, pet dander, dust mites and other allergens in your carpet and upholstery. There are millions of tiny insects and dirt particles that thrive on the stuff your vacuum cleaner can't remove. The only way to get rid of these pests is expert and professional steam cleaning with a truck mount.

Because there are so many methods to clean carpets, we only recommend the same method as Shaw industries. Capital Carpet Cleaning in  Stanwood, Camano Island, Marysville, Arlington and all Snohomish County will provide you with the complete Carpet Cleaning Service that you expect from truly professional carpet cleaners. To see why we are the premiere carpet cleaning service around check out our Carpet Cleaning Page.

How about my furniture's upholstery?
For Upholstery Cleaning Capital Carpet Cleaning recommends regular cleaning of all your upholstered furniture, the time between cleanings will vary depending on how much use it gets. When you have Children and pets it tends to make dirt and grime accumulate faster.  Also the type of fabric and if it is color fast or not are important considerations before cleaning.

No matter what type of furniture or upholstery fabric you have in your home, Capital Carpet Cleaning will take the very best care of your fine fabrics.  You never have to worry that your furniture will be ruined.  To learn more about our upholstery cleaning service just click on the Upholstery Cleaning Page.

Pet Stains, Pet Urine & Pet Odor
Even the best trained pets have an accidents on occasion. Our Pet Stain Removal Service can help. We can remove many stubborn yellow stains that once seemed impossible to remove. Even difficult to remove Pet Urine, and Pet Odors can be safely extracted from your carpets by our commercial truck mount steam extraction units.  So if you have dog urine, cat urine, or yellow spots call Capital Carpet Cleaning and we will take care of the problem.  We also deodorize your fine carpets and rugs in order to remove the inevitable odor that can build up over time in all carpets and rugs. Check out these specials for carpet cleaning in  Stanwood, Camano Island, Marysville, Arlington and all Snohomish County.

At Capital Carpet Cleaning we survive solely on treating our customers' right.  We offer personal service and great quality work at less than franchise prices. Don't just choose a carpet cleaning company by its name choose them by what they can do for you.  Give Capital Carpet Cleaning a call and see the amazing difference!  We do Carpet Cleaning in  Stanwood, Camano Island, Marysville, Arlington and all Snohomish County.


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Nita Powers
 2 hours ago
Good job. Pet odors seem to be gone. On time and professional. Only thing that I did not like was the smell of the deodorizer, that lingered for a few days. This of course did not reflect on the job well done.

Andrew S.
 13 weeks ago
This team did an excellent job! Communicated with me throughout the process, punctual, pet friendly, and spend extra time the areas that needed it. I would hire them again.

kevin s
 20 weeks ago
I use them semi annually. Price is excellent, service outstanding. Great outfirlt

Carolyn Myers
 26 weeks ago
I will use this company again. Nice to see a father and son working together and doing a great job. They were willing to move furniture and the carpet looks wonderful!

Eli Trammell
 27 weeks ago
This was a father son team very respectful, very helpful, very good job. I would recommend to anyone. In fact I had my... More

Dr Tari
 27 weeks ago
This father-son team arrived on time and did a nice, professional job. Good value for my money. Trustworthy, animal friendly. I would definitely hire them